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"Big Daddy" Roth's Newest and Wildest!

  • Original year: 1964
  • Company: Revell
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: Ed Roth

In early 1964, the Mysterion made a guest appearance to the delight of thousands at the Chicago Trade Show. The kit was being eagerly snapped up at hobby shops in May. The two rear ends were from a '48 Ford with the gears modified to allow the option of operating one engine independently, using one of the twin drive shafts. A pair of Ford C-6 "Cruisomatic" transmissions connected this to a pair of 406 engines, rated at 500-horsepower each. Revell's kit includes the 7" RCA TV and control panels for the stereo and the remote controlled electronics which enabled the car's engines to be "mysteriously" and frightingly started during car shows and allowed the hydraulic bubble top suspension to be raised and lowered. The Mysterion's construction was estimated at 2,800 man-hours, and its value in 1963 dollars was quoted at $12,000, at a time when you could buy a Ford Mustang for under $3,000.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

I'm not a big Roth fan, but this has to be his best creation. The Cyclops headlight is a crazy element of this rod. This is the 1994 reissue. Revell reissued it in a special "collector tin" in 1996. Other Ed Roth creations in my collection are the Beatnik Bandit, the Beatnik Bandit II, the Tweedy Pie and the Outlaw. Read this short piece about the stolen Mysterion!



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