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Meyers "Manx"
The Original Dune Buggy

  • Original year: 1968
  • Company: AMT
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: Bruce Meyers

Special features included in this kit: FULL COLOR easy to assemble DISPLAY Build this kit one of four ways Meyers "Manx"/Street Version/Meyers Dune Buggy/Baja Version with: Meyers "Manx" body, racing mirrors, roll bar, "Goodyear" super dune tires, Cragar S/S Mag wheels, Stock car special hollow vinyl tires.

Click the logo above to read the complete amazing story of the REAL Meyers Manx.

Click image above to see a close-up

comments (from Rally fan Brandon Flannery):

The actual 1:1 car was the brain child of Bruce Meyers. He grew up as a surfer in Southern California. He is credited as the first person to cut up VW van wheel wells and add fat tires, so he could camp and surf. Yep, it's all his fault countless vans were butchered! Anyway, he got older, and began working with fiberglass and boat hulls. I think he worked on Catamerands also.

Well, he got to looking at VWs again, and decided that they were ideal for climbing through the dunes, and he designed a body for the pan in fiberglass. He caused quite a stir, and people wanted their own. He set up production, and had quite a business for a while. He pretty much is the father of the dune-buggy, and complete examples of his early work are bringing good money. I shudder when I think how many perfectly good vintage VW's got scrapped for their pan and drive train.

Nifty display from the kit:

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