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Kiss Van
Custom Chevy Van

  • Original year: 1977
  • Company: AMT
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: John Mueller & John Bogosian

The most popular rock band in America has conquered the world...without firing a shot! Idols of the KISS army are four of the most amazing showmen/musicians ever to hit the pop music scene: Gene "The Bat" Simmons, Peter "The Big Cat" Criss, "Space" Ace Frehley and "Lovable" Paul Stanley. KISS in action is Halloween, The 4th of July, megawatt amplification, smoke, flames, heavy-artillery percussion--in other words, just four likeable young guys having lotsa good clean fun! KISS: the name on everyone's lips!

Vantastic kit features: Detailed chassis with V8 engine, bucket seats, custom steering wheel, CB radio, custom spoke wheels and wide Goodyear Rally GT tires, custom front end: lights, grille, spoiler & woody rear bumpers, quad exhaust outlets, twin skylights, louvered and bubble portholes, supergraphic decals.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

OK I know it's just a Chevy van with the fancy decals, but this is KISS! These guys ruled the world when I was in high school and they did it for two decades after that. In fact, I read where there is a "tribute" band (a band that mimics their act) that was so good and so popular that, after the tribute band retired, they spawned a tribute band of their own! A tribute to the tribute band! Now that's popularity.

Get their greatest hits "Double Platinum" CD and "...rock and roll all night....and party e-va-re-day!"

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