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Dragon Wagon
10th Wonder of the World!

  • Original year: 1970
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Tom Daniel

Here's a wild, old-time circus wagon dressed up with the latest custom goodies. Powered by a custom cobra mill with calliope ram tubes, finned rocker covers and custom rectangular exhaust system, it rolls on wide ovals up front and wide-wide slicks at the rear.

Draggin' Wagon to haul your Waggin' Dragon! He comes with the fit and has already bent the bars of his cage trying to get out! The cage comes from an old time circus animal wagon and is complete with ornate scroll work. It's mounted on a scroll-decorated frame with custom body, oval headlights, circus hoop windshield and a beautiful tufted upholstery.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

A rare old kit from Tom Daniel again. The dragon figure has great detail, but does not actually breathe fire. A real Dragon Wagon was this Vietnam-era jet bomber I saw at an aircraft museum in Battleship Park in Mobile Bay, AL. Look at its markings to the right...YIKES!

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