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Canned Heat
Customized T-Bucket Roadster

  • Original year: 1973
  • Company: Revell
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: Ed Roth

Caned Heat...the hottest rod around! Imagine yourself exhibiting this slick rod in car shows all around the country. What a neat number! Eyes widen...heads turn....crowds gather...Every guy in the crowd envies you. This is a great stylized T-bucket show and street rod with super customized grille...and something really groovy...a high performance 473 Cadillac V-8 engine! Far Out! Neat! An original!

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

As T-buckets go, this one is quite hot-looking. OK, that's a weak pun for the Canned HEAT, but no worse than that 8th-grader-written description above. Every guy in the crowd envies me? Right. Even the guy with the blonde bombshell with the big hooters? I don't think so. Here's some wisdom from Rally fan Darryl Roth: "The Canned Heat T-Bucket is the Outlaw re-released by Revell after they cut ties with Ed Roth due to his involvement with The Hell's Angels. "



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