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Harry Bradley's Luxury Sports Car

  • Original year: 1969
  • Company: Model Products Corporation (MPC)
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: Harry Bradley

West coast body design with features of the cars to come. Front wheel drive engine, wild spoiler, super scoops, floating headlights, tinted panels in roof, custom exhaust pipes, cantilevered rear spoiler, custom wheel covers, bucket seats, front wheel drive engine, bold front grill.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Here's the personal show rod of Harry Bradley, a show rod designer. I guess that front-wheel drive was exotic when Harry made this car. It was designed from the Toranado. You can see some unusual work by Harry on this site: The Jolly Rodger, and the Sticks and Slicks series- Woodburner, Chopper's Block, and the Powerstage 8.



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