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Bugs Buggy
What's Up Doc?

  • Original year: 197?
  • Company: IMC
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Designer: Harry Bradley

Take a Harry Bradley design....a V.W. chassis.....a handsome body with a dash of chrome and a tasteful interior....surround it with orange pearl paint and accent it with green lace....Viola! Bugs Buggy. Industro-Motive Corporation proudly presents a 1/20 scale of this wild, new buggy. From the exquisitely detailed under-carriage to the finely appointed body, this beauty will come alive with the touch of the psychedelic decals.

A handsome orange pearl colored body, sloped hood on a VW chassis, customized VW engine with dual chromed trumpet exhausts. Super-fat, low-pressure tires on chrome reversed rims, chromed suspension, rectangular Lucas lights, detailed interior with bucket seats, psychedelic decals.

Click image above above to see a close-up.

Dave's comments:

A nice design for a buggy, but I'd hardly call those "wild psychedelic" decals, would you? I like the look of these deep moon wheels better than the Cragars on the real rod (see card).



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