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Black Beauty
From the TV show, "The Green Hornet"

  • Original year: 1966
  • Company: Polar Lights (Originally Aurora)
  • Scale: 1/32
  • Designer: Dean Jeffries

Bulletproof windshield and side windows, armored rear window frame panel, rear rocket pods, front laser gun and front rocket pods on doors. The Black Beauty had rockets front and rear. It would blow gas or smoke from the front. Out of the rear it would blow smoke, ice or oil.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

OK, who can remember when they parked this car, clamps would come up from the floor and grab onto the car, then the whole floor would turn over! Man, this show was our 2nd favorite back then--only Batman was better. This is the 1999 reissue that emulates the original box art from Aurora. Dean Jeffries also designed and built the Monkeemobile in 1967.

This site by Dan Thompson is a perfect resource for not just building this version of the car, but all versions including the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr used the '39 & '40 movie serials.

Here is another excellent site on the Green Hornet's Black Beauty Car! And if you're a Bruce Lee fan, this Bruce Lee On-line site has it all!



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