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'58 Thunderbird
Customized with Futuristic Bubble Top

  • Original year: 1964
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Darryl Starbird

This faithful model of the glamorous 1958 Thunderbird is in the popular one-half inch scale--one twenty-fourth actual car size. Parts are included to make the stock hardtop or a "dream" cat with futuristic bubble top. Operating features include opening and closing doors, hood and bubble top. Other kit parts include highly detailed interceptor engine, with chrome customizing extras, detailed suspension system, custom and stock grilles, custom mag and stock wheels, custom and stock head and tail lights, white wall tires, head rests, air scoop, roll pans, molded clear bubble top and others.

Following the original two-seater, the 1958 Thunderbird was the first four-seater in this fabulous series, The change-over to the '58 car is reported to have cost Ford thirty million dollars to being to market. The car with its big engine, bucket seats, center console, other original features and fascinating lines was a notable success. This Monogram authentic model was scaled from the actual '58 Thunderbird. The model can be made in choice of two stock versions or choice of two custom jobs, the latter styled by Darryl Starbird, well known automotive stylist and Monogram custom consultant. Complete assembly instructions and customizing directions included in kit.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Of course I'll build this classic baby with the Starbird touch and it's bubble top show rod look. 24 years after Monogram released this kit, the famous 1958 T-Bird was brought back to life as Elvira's Macabre Mobile.



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