Why I Collect Show Rods
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Between the ages of 9 and 14 ('67- - '72) I built a lot of models. My older brother also built a lot of kits in our basement in West Allis, WI. We built tanks, airplanes, ships, and of course - - cars. But I was never interested in regular cars. The only cars I built were "show rods." To this day, I believe they are (were) the most interesting and original models ever developed. Classic Plastic, a book on older kits, gives an excellent description of the show rod genre and a testament to their originality.

Every model seen on Dave's Show Rod Rally is a kit I own in my collection. All are complete, either "mint-in-box" (MIB) or sealed (MISB) in original cellophane. My passion for show rods is specific. I collect and build only "level 2" show rods. I do not collect "caricature rods," "funny cars," "snap-tites," or "street rods." Examples of these cars are shown below.  

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