1. Submit jpeg photos at either 1280 x 1024 or LARGER. Nothing smaller will work.
  2. Give me one pic for testing before you send the rest--I want to be sure we're on the right track.
  3. After I've approved the test shot, give me 10-12 more pics from various angles--including "top-angle" shots.
  4. Use your camera's MACRO function to give me some close-ups of unique features, the interior and the engine (if applicable).
  5. DO NOT crop nor resize nor adjust the pics in any way. Just send them to me and I'll do all that and construct a nice layout for you.
  6. Give me your first and last name, city, state, country and a story about why this model was important to you and some advice or revelations about how you built it. [Research many of the builds already in the gallery].
  7. Lighting is critical--try it outside, but direct sunlight is often difficult to shoot in. Sometime, a partly-cloudy day works best. Indoor lighting needs a LOT of wattage. At all costs, try to avoid using a flash to illuminate your model.
  8. Be patient--I want to make your hard work look as good as possible. Also, there is often a multi-week wait because I may have a bunch of guys ahead of you in the queue.
  9. Pictures must be taken with a plain white or grey background.

    send to Paul Canney at:

Thanks, Dave