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2003 Contest Winners!
Here are the winners from the 2003 Bubbletop modeling contest. Each model name is a link to that page. All of the 2003 Bubble contest entries are clearly marked in the Guest Gallery.

Name Stock/Custom Category Entry Model Dave's Comments Box Stock/Custom
Duane Ballard 1st place 58 Thunderbird As one judge said, " looks so good, someone should build it in 1:1 scale!"
Cricket 2nd place Road Agent Great color choice and very good engine detail.
Rich Haberkorn 3rd place Predicta Beautiful paint job and love the calliope stacks.
Name Kitbash category Entry Model Dave's Comments Kitbash
Paul Burke 1st place Rat Pax It's part organic, part Rotar, part Silhouette, and ALL Burke--BOOM!
Ira Dahm 2nd place Scorpion Our senior master kitbasher is still showing us the way.
Pontiac Jack 3rd place Agent Orange Here's one disease I'd love to catch and keep.
Markus Minsinger 4th place Double Moon Bubble Double the bubble, double the fun. NASA has already inquired about obtaining the rights to the plans.
Dan Barten 5th place Poindexter's Surfite II Our resident mad scientist scavenges another winner.
Steve Hammann Rallymaster Favorite Krispy Kreme Kruiser George Jetson meets the Mad Max Interceptor!