23 Collector Cards

In the early 70s, Monogram developed collector cards for 23 of its show rods. Two cards were placed in selected models- -one card representing that model and another at random. I have acquired the complete set of 23 cards and scanned them in for viewing on this site. Of the 23 models featured in this ORIGINAL set, 22 of them are Tom Daniel's designs. The only one that is not is the "Lil' Coffin", designed by Daryl Starbird. You'll note that some of these cards represent "Snap-Tite" kits which I do not collect. All the other kits are in my collection.


Boss Mustang
Ice 'T'
Red Baron
Screamin' Vette
Thunder Bug
Baja Bandito
Cherry Bomb
Li'l Coffin
Rommel's Rod
Son of Ford
Tijuana Taxi
Beer Wagon
Dragon Wagon
Paddy Wagon
Sand Crab
Street Fighter
Boss 'A' Bone
Dune Rat
Pie Wagon
S'cool Bus

Starting in 2000, Revell-Monogram revived the insertion of collector cards in special reissued kits as part of the "Monogram Classics" series. These cards are listed below. If there is no link, it's because the "classic reissued card" was one of the original 23 (no need to repeat its display.) These
NEW cards are appended to the end of the original 23 navigation sequence.

Li'l Coffin

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