VW Ferrari Van (kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

The VW FERRARI VAN idea came from my idea notebook. (Whenever I get an idea for a new project I just add it to my notebook. I do a rough sketch, add a few words to describe what I want to do and list the possible kits that will be needed to make this project.) I really like the chopped and sectioned Tom Daniel VW Van designs like the "Firebomb" and "Baja Beast", but these kits were originally released over thirty years ago and I think it's time for some updating. The original Monogram "Firebomb" had a V8 engine in the back, with drag slicks and a very simple interior. (I got the old Classic VW Van body, box and some body parts from Alan Alexis who was "parting out" this kit for two other projects.)

Revell's F50 Ferrari had all the parts I needed for the update; a Ferrari 12 cylinder engine, big and little low profile tires, star style mags and a well-detailed sporty interior. The center headlight is from AMT's 1949 Mercury.

I was originally just going to fit the Ferrari chassis in the van body, but it was about 5/8" wider the van body. So, I used the bottom of the Ferrari body to create wider wheel flares and a sportier rear end and I kept the whole VW Firebomb front, less the spoiler. I laid the Ferrari body next to the VW Van body and drew a line on the side of the van, following the shape of the top edge of the Ferrari, with a "Sharpie" marker. Then I cut along the line on the van with the Dremel cut off wheel. Another line was cut just in front of the vans front wheel wells. Then I set the cut down VW Van body on top of the Ferrari Body and marked where the Ferrari body had to be cut to fit the Van body. More cutting and fitting was done. The body parts were then attached with "Zap-A-Gap". Next I did some grinding and sanding to get the fit as close as possible and the I applied the putty. After the body was sanded smooth, new door lines were then scribed in.

The Ferrari chassis was trimmed at the front to fit the VW front end. The front bulkhead was cut from the interior tub and backed with sheet plastic. The front shocks were moved to inside the bulkhead instead of on top. (The shocks were actually cut off and made to look like they are inside.) This was done to add clearance for the new front mounted interior. Chassis painting and assembly pretty much went by the stock instructions.

The interior was shortened in length and height and rebuilt with a sheet plastic floorboard and front panel. The dashboard is from the AMT 1971 Duster cut down to fit and the steering wheel is from Revell's new VW Bug. The interior is painted black with yellow accents.

The body was primed in flat white, then a coat of metallic silver was applied and then a cover coat of flat white was applied. The silver was applied to block any possible color bleeding from the kits original red plastic. I used Krylon's Red, Orange and Yellow Spray Paints for the blended paint design and Testors Glosscote was applied last.

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