Uncertain Paddy Wagon (kitbash)

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

What do you do when you get a bug to build an "Uncertain T" and can't get a hold of a kit? Well the next best thing is to design your own.

This build started out life as a 1974 issue Paddy Wagon glue bomb that I have had for quite some time and I finally decided to breath new life into it.

For that forward rake like the real car had, I took a small pie shaped section out of the frame where the front of the body sits. I then cut off the sides to match the shape of the real car and used an extra padded piece from another PW glue bomb to fill in the bottom on back.

The rear end was turned upside down and connected directly to the tranny like the real car is. Everything on this except the gauge pod on the dash is pure Paddy Wagon but built and painted with the Uncertain T look.

Paint is Boyd's Roadstar Orange. The gauge pod is donated from a Dan Fink Speed Wagon.


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