Tymeless 'T' (custom)

Built by: Jeff Miller of Chino Hills, California

Born as a tribute to the timeless design of Steve Scott, I wanted to make this ebay gluebomb as the original but lack of original parts & patience made that unrealistic. So while formulating a plan " B " I asked myself what makes this car so cool even years later?

Most of you know the history of the Uncertain T so I' ll not focus on that, but this car was conceived in the early 60's and as a showrod, it still holds up today. The answer I gave myself was, while the unique " cartoon " shape of the car was ahead of its time, it also lent itself for you (the viewer) to fill in the blanks. In other words, a racer would see it as a race car & a lowrider would see it as a cruiser & so on.

With my new found philosophy of mass appeal, I wanted to build a car that would illustrate that point. So now it was necessary to build several different styles of cars into one and all without destroying the car's original appeal just as Steve Scott did. Some think the T is perfect the way it was & I'm not going to disagree.

After the frame was boxed smoothed, I cut a small section off the back and replaced it with a strong styrene strip to shorten it. This allowed me to join the body sections together (pre-paint) for a clean look. A Maltese or iron cross theme was introduced by a Red Baron radiator shell and a Beer Wagon rear window.

The sun visor is scratch built and the Moon tank is aftermarket as are the foot controls. The engine is not from the original Monogram kit but is still a Y block Buick & was fitted with an AMT blower with injectors and scoops right off the T'rantula dragster. The headers are from an AMT parts pack with an aftermarket magnito to top it off.

The paint is all lacquer & is all custom mixed House of Kolor with an eye popping gold pearl color that is matched in the interior except for the real suede seat covers and headliner. A real wood dash has an aftermarket gage cluster and a shifter from the Red Baron shows its showrod colors.

Finally, those 23 inch wheels are home grown from Revell's Sidewhinder plus the use of Pegasus Hobby wheel rings cut in half. A pair of big goodyear dirt track tires where enlarged and wrapped around those crazy wheels.

No man is an island so my thanks go out to all who posted Uncertain T build ups at the Rally-- Dave, Don V. Chuck & the Paul's B & C. what great inspitation they are. Also to DkalD Warford & Tim Nolan for the use of the Uncertain T site for referance, it's all good!
Inspired by Jeff's creativity, here are some special effects for this unique creation--Dave R.

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