T'rrific (Dragon Wagon kitbash)

Built by: Evan Jones, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I've always liked the look of a short-framed, Model 'T' based street rod. When it was first released, I had an idea that Tom Daniel's Dragon Wagon could form the basis of a really neat street rod.

I bought an already built Dragon Wagon at a swap meet sometime in the 1980s. I disassembled most of it and added a bunch of parts from the Monogram Little 'T' kit and various spare parts items.

I didn't like the result and took it apart, repainted and rebuilt it in 2003. You can find more information about my models at http://scalemodels.eajonesgue.com

Modifications to the kit include:

  • Frame shortened to remove rear cage
  • Little 'T' suspension used in both front and rear
  • Front suspension modified to allow poseable wheels
  • Little 'T' engine (I think) with various pieces from my spare parts collection
  • Wheels and tires came from an unknown kit
  • Scratchbuilt U-joints, exhaust pipe and muffler and rear shocks
  • Brake, fuel and electrical wiring
  • Testors yellow spray paint, shot through my air brush
  • Added 'TRRIFIC' Ontario license plate

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