Boot Hill Trike Hearse

Built by: D'Heuvaert Frederik, Zingem, Belgium

I made of three kits; The Milk Trike, Boot Hill Express and Barnabas Vampire Van.
The roof of the trike and trailer have I made by myself from Plexiglas.

I use the bars of the Vampire Van on the roofs.
The windows in the trike left and Right have been made of the Vampire Van and the back
window is made with the front from the Boot Hill.


I have make the front of the trailer from a engine cap (junkyard parts) The rear axle on the trike is from the Boot Hill and the fenders are made with parts from '33 ford. I took the step boards from the Vampire Van to use them on the trike.


The chassis from the trailer have I made by myself, the coffin in the trailer is from the Vampire Van
with a printed American flag that I on the back side glued with wood glue. Inside the trike and trailer have I use real wood and the curtains are also real!



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