Built by: Dave Armstrong

A Tale Of Two Toms

I built this kitbash for the 2011 Fools With No Rules Contest.

I took Tom Daniel’s T’Rantula kit, cut off the body from the firewall forward. I took Tommy Ivo’s 4 engine dragster, surgically altered the chassis to mate with the cab of the T’Rantula.

I used cast resin Richard Carroll tires. Because the front tires are so low profile, I had to alter the chassis/front axle a bit. The wheels are from 2 Digger ‘Cuda kits, with some chrome rings added to make them deeper.

I went to Michael’s and found something to use for the balls in the stacks.

Paint is Testor’s Boyd Black-N-Blue Pearl. I really like this paint, it has tiny metallic flecks, and depending on the light and angle, looks either dark purple or dark blue.

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