Built by: Mike McMahon in Palatine, Illinois

Since I recently got back into modeling, I couldn't wait to build this kit again. The last time I built it was about 20 years ago. I decided to build it like the box art, with some minor modifications.

I applied three coats of Testors Sublime Green straight out of the rattle can. It laid down nice and glossy so I decided not to apply any gloss overcoat. I also thought the red tips on the headers and headlight recesses was a nice touch.

Since the engine on this kit is such a focal point, I decided to make it my first attempt at wiring an engine. Green wires seemed appropriate. I think they turned out pretty good and went on much easier than I thought. Thanks Superglue gel!!

This was also my first successful attempt at detailing the lettering on the tires. At the suggestion of some builders from the "Coffin Corner" on Dave's site, I did the lettering with a white gel pen under a magnifying glass. It worked great. Thanks for the tip folks!

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