Tee Vee
Meyers Manx variant

Tee Vee Dune Buggy

Builder: Patrick Wickham
Buckingham UK 

This is just another Buggy kit I'd been looking for.

After a good wash I polished the red plastic, added a 4MM square section tube between the body and the floor for a better ground clearance. Also adding a couple of strips to each seat to add height and added the one piece roll bar behind them.

On building the engine I painted blue and red clear onto various chrome parts rather than leave it all shiny!

I continued the build wanting to add another feature as it was a semi-pick-up. Cutting a few coffee sticks for the floor and continued to build a fence around it.

The windscreen surround was coated in Molotow chrome and the headlights were added to it.

Also adding a alloy tube extension to the exhaust muffler, lastly adding the rear lights and the number plate to a skew and the aerial with a flag on top.

Wanting to add decals, which I do on a regular basis, I looked through my two shoe boxes and found a number of USA Air Force stars but then found a sheet of solely stars without roundels.

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