Built by: Pete Crane

Ed Roth's Surfite is a cute way to get around on the beach, but I wanted to turn it into a full-blown showpiece.

So like the Road Agent I built a couple of years ago, I extended the front end and added a big, scoop-blown engine made of parts from 3 or 4 different kits.

The headers I used would only fit upside-down, and I think they look pretty cool that way.

The asymmetrical front module was fashioned from the roof of a Tiger Shark, turned around backwards, so the rear window became the opening for the grill. An Opel GT donated the grill as well as the tail lights. The fenders came from a Surf Woodie.

To really drive it home I used some spoke wheels in the front and some fat slicks in the back.

I had to do several 'mock-ups' with scotch tape holding the parts together to make sure everything would fit right, and the body required a lot of filling and sanding.

It was a lot of work, but it's so satisfying to imagine something in your head and then make it real with your hands.

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