Surf Woody

Built by: Dave Briede (badroadahead)

"White Lightning"

This build was for a contest on the Coffin Corner.

This started out as the Barris Surf Rod. I had this one when I was a kid and I always liked it although it was a bit finicky and still is.

I am a big Ed Roth design fan. I thought I would blend Roth and Barris together on this build.

I also love fins on the rear so I had to start there. I planned on using the windshield from the Sand Shark for the bubbletop, so I added the rear hump between the fins. I then added some 1/24th scale rear fenders and scratch built the front Roth style pointed fenders. I blended them together with a running board. The front of the Surf Rod seemed too long so I made it shorter to have that ‘60’s Indy front look.

I thought white walls all the way around would bring out the body features. I added side pipes which filled it out nice.

I finished the body in pearl white and the interior in deep red. The interior basically stayed the same except for a gauge or so. The engine stayed the same except I removed the intake and replaced it with a tri-carb set up from the Pie Wagon.

This would be one of my dream 1:1 cars…..

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