Son of Ford
(soft of)

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon, Surrey, England

This all began when I tried to track down an original Son of Ford, being one of my all-time favourite show/drag cars. I couldn't find an original (surprise) but I figured using the later "Early Iron" version would be a good starting point. Well, sort of (hence the name).

It was immediately obvious that whatever powered the Son of Ford, it certainly wasn't the "Boss 302 Mustang mill, rowed by a Hurst 4-speed" advertised on the box (it's actually the Pontiac lump from the earlier L'il Deuce incarnation). Then you notice that there is no central section to the frame (common to all Monogram '32's) and, to top it off, the Son of Ford had somehow acquired two gas tanks, one up front and one out the back.

So I rashly decided to build what I believe the Son of Ford would have looked like if Monogram had had the resources to match Tom Daniel's box art and kit descriptions i.e. not quite a full-on drag car but not quite pure show material either. Which means that:

  • the engine is a 302 from the Speedwagon with a parts box manual transmission. Valve covers are from Revell's Touring T and the intake is from the new Ala Cart. Fuel pump, exhaust dumps, wiring and magneto are scratchbuilt.
  • the main body is Monogram but smoothed out for the drags. The hood and fenders are Revell, grill shell is Lindberg, the radiator is Monogram and the grille and gas tank are aftermarket goodies.
  • interior is all Monogram apart from the scratchbuilt roll bar and tach.
  • main chassis is Revell but with a chopped rear end and relocated motor mounts. Floorpan and rear axle mount are Monogram.. Rear axle, spring, and radius arms are from an AMT T. Front axle is from the parts box. Rear boot filler panel and shocks are scratchbuilt.
  • tyres and wheel outers are Monogram but the wheel inners and rear brakes are parts box sourced.
  • decals? The Digs of course!

Or to put it another way, there's not a single genuine Son of Ford part in the thing. Of course, you may well ask why didn't I just start with the Revell Roadster, and the simple answer is because I wanted to retain the old style Monogram floor pan and everything had to be fitted around that. But then I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the box.

Not the easiest of builds it has to be said (every major component was built, ripped apart and rebuilt at least once) but I'd like to thank all the Corner regulars who helped me out with this project by donating parts, instructions, kind words and advice. It would still be just a dream without you guys!

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