Built by: Eric Grey. Palo Alto, CA

Here is an alternate version to the Silhouette!  Pandora's Box. 

Why is this car called the Pandora's Box? I have no idea. 

I bought the Silhouette on an impulse figuring to make it as is. When I opened the box imagine my surprise when I found a sheet of very bold black no less. The only clue that it was meant to be something specific was the "Pandora's Box" decals. I kind of put the model aside and started thinking about how I was going to go after this one. 

I decided that 

  • I was using the graphics, and 
  • Pandora's Box was probably the name of the trailer (opening it up would lead to some kind of rubber and asphalt fury I guess). 

As I made the model I realized that the graphics weren't meant to be used over the addition of the upper fenders. However, it created an interesting heart shaped pattern on the hood which ends up looking pretty good. I flocked the interior and washed the wire wheels with gold.


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