Gig Rig

Built by: Dave Briede

The Gig Rig,

This started with Tom Daniels’ S’Cool Bus. I thought it would be cool to build a moving stage. I first cut off the top of the bus and took the top curved rear roof and cut it to fit on the back of the cab and built a stage platform. After printing out a huge decal for the floor I applied it and cut a piece of clear plastic to put over it.

The bus was originally a funny car and with some creative cutting and styrene I made a chassis. I cut off the front of the bus and made it tilt forward to access the engine. The interior is scratch built.

For the band members I purchased some racing figures and cut them up and re-positioned arms and legs accordingly. The drum kit is completely scratch built. The guitars are scratch built also, one is a replica of a Gibson ES335 and the bass is an Ibanez SR300. The organ and amps are modified from the Raiders Coach

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