Cool Bus

Built by: Jay Lewis in Fridley, Minnesota, USA

The Cool Bus was built in 1995 from the reissued S'cool Bus kit. The body and chassis were both shortened the length of one engine. A dividing wall was built out of solid and clear plastic sheet to separate the driver and engine compartments inside the body. 

The bus was painted using House of Kolors candy lime gold over white. Next, the front fenders and side moldings were masked off and painted candy burple (yes that's the color name) over silver along with the shortened injector scoop. All parts were clear coated, left for a month to dry then sanded and buffed. Window trim was bare metal foiled and the kit decals were altered and applied. The windows were filled with clear plastic sheet slightly thicker than the kit window film. The wheel rims were also painted body color.

One kit engine was used and detailed with a magneto and plug wires, fuel lines, throttle linkage and blower straps. The entire drive train came from a Bigfoot monster truck kit. Spring hangers were built up to mount the leaf springs to the chassis. A cross member was built to hang the transfer case to the chassis.

Drive shafts were made from aluminum tubing with the u-joints from the Bigfoot kit.

The hydraulic steering system was built up out of various sizes of aluminum tubing and plastic rod. Hydraulic hoses were made from 16 GA. electrical wire and a pump was made and hooked up to the steering column.

The chassis was painted with silver lacquer while the differential housings, leaf springs, divider wall and roll cage were painted black. The Bigfoot kit shocks were adapted to the chassis then painted body color. Finally, the chassis
was detailed with fuel lines, master cylinder, brake lines and drilled out headers.

This one took awhile but was a fun build.


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