S'Cool Bus

Built by: Rob Riley in Bloomington, Indiana

This has always been a big favorite of mine, but I've never built one until now. This is a re-issue from a couple of years ago, but I do have a sealed '73 issue sitting on my shelf.

I had to build this box stock, because it's right just the way it is. I  masked off the front fenders, rear bumper and side stripes on the body and sprayed them flat black. I followed that up by just spraying clear lacquer over the yellow plastic. The flat black fenders, rear bumper and stripes are now semi gloss black--while the yellow is ultra-shiny.

For the chassis, I just clear-coated the silver plastic. The engine blocks and roll bar got the same clear coat treatment--I used very little paint on this build. I did detail the oil pans and transmissions with silver paint, and the roll bar padding with flat black.

I wired and plumbed both engines with yellow plug wires, red fuel lines, and 2 green coolant lines going to the bullet-shaped "puke" tank.

I sanded the rear slicks to get rid of the seam that runs down the center of them, and drilled out the ends of the headers & sprayed them flat white. I  trimmed each side window with flat black and the front windows, rear window, and sunroof got trimmed in silver.

The chrome on this kit wasn't 100%--there is some faint yellow showing through on a couple of parts, but I did my best to hide it.

What an excellent kit this is--typical Tom Daniel. easy to build, and already as modified as it needs to be to look cool. This kit is huge, heavy and very sturdy. the plastic is thick, and it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I completed it. The engines look more like 1:20 scale than 1:24 scale.

Now I'm on the hunt for another re-issue of this kit because I had so much fun building this one. It took me about a week start-to-finish, but I didn't work on it every day. A lot of the time was spent waiting on the clear coat to dry.

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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