Sand Shark

Built by: Boban Arsic (Hobby Bobby)

the "Surf Shark"

At the beginning of this project was something quite different in the plan.

That old mad dog, Tom Daniel, came unleashed to dream up this way out fun cars.

The Dog Catcher has always been one of my favorite designs of TD.

He always felt sorry for dogs and cats who were caught by the local "Dog Catcher", so he reversed the idea here in a comic book theme and made the dog the catcher in his own hot rod.

Not easy to get an original kit, even then to my conditions...

So... I wanted to build a Dog Catcher, out of the Sand Shark kit.

Not easy, but not impossible...

The beginning of the reconstruction also looked very good and everything went well. Then I got slightly off the plan...

This "go in a different direction than planned project", is finally finished, not everything in detail exactly as I wanted, but it's done.

Hope, you like it.

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