Roswell Rod
(new resin custom kit)

Built by: Tory Mucaro in Howell Township, New Jersey

Fritz's Roswell Rod has landed!

To those that frequent this website, it most assuredly needs no introduction. One of the coolest customs to come along in recent years, there can be no doubt that some of Big Daddy's blood is coursing through Fritz's veins. After seeing this radical custom on Fritz's website and in Rod and Custom, I knew there would have to be a resin kit of it, since none of the injection-molded kit manufactures would ever do one.

Click here to visit Fritz's site and learn more!

So, knowing Fritz frequented the Coffin Corner, I posed the question of whether he would allow me to do a resin kit of his creation. With an enthusiastic yes, my partner in crime Charles Heyer, my son Dante and I took a ride out to Fritz's place to measure and photograph the Roswell Rod. We then returned home and began work on the patterns that would generate the RTV molds to produce the kits. While we were creating the parts, Slippery Arts' Decal Dan was busy working on recreating the elaborate graphics for the decal sheet, no small feat in itself. Five months later, the kits were ready, just in time for the NNL East. They were a resounding hit as we sold 10 of the 12 kits we brought to the show. Looks like Charles and I are not alone in our appreciation of Fritz's creation.

The model here was built straight out of the box with nothing added other than paint and glue. Fritz was kind enough to supply me with his specially mixed "Radiation Flow" House of Colors orange paint. This was over coated with Select brand clear top coat, a two-part urethane finish. All the chrome was done with Alclad II Chrome airbrushed over Tamiya Gloss Black spray paint. I think the results speak for themselves. The model was painted and assembled inside of a week in order to be ready for display at the NNL East.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience, a challenge to be sure, but well worth it. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Fritz for his total cooperation on this endeavor. I should also thank Dan Warford for his superhuman effort in getting the decals done in record time. Also my son Dante for his help in photographing and measuring the actual car. Charles Heyer, without whose help this project would have never even gotten off the ground. And a special thank -you to Dave Rasmussen for having created this wonderful website without which none of this would have been possible.

Long live the Show Rod Rally!

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