Rat Vega

Built by: Boban Arsic (HobbyBobby)

Rat Vega
Custom Chevy Compact

Tom Daniel, ~ 1972

Take a Chevy "RAT" engine, harness it to a Vega panel truck and you got it...RAT VEGA!

This potent panel truck packs a heavy 454 cubic inch muscle motor and soaks its traction from fat slicks on chrome mag wheels.

Custom front end is topped off by a see-through air scoop.

Hood removes to show off the super detailed mills.

Finally done.

I think, there have passed some twenty years, since I started this project.

At first it was just molded in yellow. ( its the 1973 reissue)

Then came a blue over the, before individually taped rectangles.

Then everything disappeared unfinished, back in the box.

This graffiti thing, it was many years later...

And a few small changes...

On the underside of the hood, I stuck a chrome foil.

The rims and tires are originals from the kit, but modified, the front wheels were made smaller in diameter and the rear were rounded only at the edges, and you get a very different effect...

Hope, you like it.

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