Ram Rod

Builder: Bob Spedding
Citrus Park, Florida

The Ram Rod is one of several 1/32nd scale kits released by Aurora back in 1962 .  At just 4 ½ inches long , it’s low parts count and small size make for a very easy and fun build .

I built the Ram Rod straight out of the box , adding only an upholstered firewall made form sheet plastic to match  the roof insert . 

I did vary from a stock build by modifying the multi-piece body so it could be glued together before paint and the interior slipped into the body. Then the cowl was reworked slightly to match the sides of the body . 

The two piece tires had the seams filled and sanded before spraying with flat black paint. White walls were cut from self-adhesive vinyl.  When finished the tires were coated with some Pledge Future Shine.

The Ram Rod was painted with Tamiya TS-50 Mica Blue and then it was topped with TS-13 Clear. 

The wheel discs and engine chrome were sprayed with Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Chrome while the grille, windshield frame, and side fin trim was brushed with Molotow chrome.

To finish it off I was able to use the original 60 year old decals after spraying them with a clear sealer.  Even though they had yellowed quite a bit, the decals look great against the dark blue paint .

This vintage Aurora kit was a blast to build and even when displayed with the box there’s plenty of room for it on my shelf !

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