RAM (Sand Draggin & Milk Truck kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

I built the "RAM" for a Car Model Magazine article in 1971. In this article I showed how to apply gold leaf finishes on plastic models. I recently unpacked the RAM and had to do minor repairs, but it still looks pretty good considering its over 30 years old!

Here's how it was built: The front and back of the body is from the Eldon Sand Draggin and the middle section is sheet plastic and the Eldon Milk Truck body. The body pieces were cut to fit, glued together and then sheet plastic and putty were used to fill the gaps. The back of the frame and engine are from the Sand Draggin and the frame front is from the Milk Truck.

The wide tires were after market products from Richard Carroll and the custom wheels are made from wheel parts from both kits.

Gold leafing supplies are available from most craft stores. This is a great way to put a wild finish on your models.

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