Predicta 2001

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I started out to build a box stocker, but the color was all wrong, so I got mad and threw the thing against the wall, and was about to open a new one and start over, but I had all the body work done on this one, so I stripped it.

Next thing I knew, I had styrene glued everywhere and the putty was flying. All of a sudden I had a roadster on my hands. I fitted the front end with canted quad headlights that I stole from the AMT 53 Ford Pickup. The rear tail light assembly is from Revell's 60 Chevy Impala kit. The engine is a Caddy Northstar From the new AMT Wagon Rod, along with the rear suspension. The windshield is from the AMT 50 ford kit.

I cut down the steering wheel from a 61 Impala and added it to an after market aluminum column. The Wheels are after market also. The paint is too many colors on top of colors to remember. We'll just call it Predicster Amber. Maybe now I'll build a stock one. This kit bashing is too much work.

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