Popcorn Wagon

Built by: Chris Plum in Livonia, Michigan

This is a built up 1/20th scale Carl Caspers Popcorn Wagon. This is the re-release of this old kit. As I opened the box and milled around inside I then started to look up the real Popcorn Wagon to compare with the box art.

After finding the picture of the real wagon, it looked nothing like the box version so I was on a mission. I wanted the model to look like the real truck so I started out by painting the wood parts of the body. Then the red and white cloth cabin cover. Then the window frames and ledges a rustic bronze color. The inserts of the scroll work parts on the sides and back were painted crimson. The drivers seat was painted red and white then washed to enhance the padding then sealed. The cabin floor was painted and the popcorn machine built and painted stainless steel.

The popcorn machine was then filled with "popcorn" made from small Styrofoam pieces. The peanut machine was built and installed next to it. The frame was shot chrome with alclad and suspension parts added.

The link bars going to the rear were dotted with black to represent the holes in the real links. The kit front wheels were retained but the rear tires were way too small, in the photo I had of the Popcorn Wagon it had huge drag slicks on it so I used a set of SoReal rubber slicks.

The engine was built and the kit magneto was wired and ran through photo-etched looms and rubber boots. Two fuel lines were ran also. The plastic blower belt was cut away and a rubber ribbed belt put in it's place. The rest of the build was completed and finally the rear access window was installed. This turned into a great show rod.

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