Popcorn Wagon

Built by: David A. Echteler in Methuen, Massachusetts

I originally acquired this kit on Ebay a few months back. I believe it went for about $5. From the pictures it was hard to tell exactly what kind of shape it was in but I knew that it was an original and it would be an extensive restoration.

Most of the original parts were sanded smooth for airbrushing. The predominant red was made by mixing gloss red with a little black.

Once the body was sprayed, it was set aside for at least (5) days to fully cure and then it sealed with a nice level coat of Future floor wax. This stuff isn't really wax, it's more of an acrylic base. I have been working on perfecting this clear coat technique for the last six months and the results are simply amazing. All my vehicles finish coats are now done this way.

The Popcorn Wagon's chassis required some kit bashing to return it back to it's original shape. A dual-carb supercharged engine also required a fair amount of work before installing it on to the frame.

Real rubber tires and custom wheels were taken from the newer version recently released, the 50th year anniversary kit. I really enjoyed bringing this old build up back to life. The initial cost was super low, and armed with a few good tools and a box of old parts, the time was well spent.



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