Popcorn Wagon

Built by: Rob Riley in Bloomington, Indiana

So anyway, here's the Popcorn Wagon. The body was painted Boyds Roadstar orange, along with the motor. The chassis was painted Testors gold. The floorboard and dash were painted flat tan to simulate wood.

The popcorn popper was painted bright yellow. It's built right out of the box, with the exception of the rear tires, which came from the Creepy 'T' kit (the original Popcorn Wagon rear tires were too small, and it looked funky)

This was a fun kit to build, and shows very well. Detailing was easy, and since it's 1/20th scale, the thing is huge compared to a regular 1/25 scale model.

Believe it or not, I entered this in a local show, and didn't even place! I was going up against guys who brought their whole families to vote for their unpainted snap together kits. I was robbed!

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