Poison Pinto
(Pro Street)

Built by: Dave Mcgowan & Rob Riley

This was a team effort between Dave Mcgowan and myself as it is from the "stalled projects" idea. Dave did the majority of the hard work, and I finished it off.

Dave molded in the different hood scoop, filled in the grill and shortened the chassis to fit the Pinto body. The chassis is from some sort of pro mod / pro street car, and it's fully tubbed. The interior is also from the same car that the chassis came from. I put the very narrowed rearend in with some chrome ladder bars, and a very narrow wheelie bar. I added a chrome dropped straight axle for the front suspension.

Dave sent the wheels, tires and disk brakes with the car and I believe they are from a 1:24 scale hot wheels die cast car. When I got this car from Dave, it was painted a flat , dark reddish brown color, with brush painted flames. I stripped the reddish brown off, and I found a pretty cool multi colored fade paint job under it. I stripped all of that paint off to get to the bare green plastic.

I finished up the interior by narrowing the Poison Pinto dash to fit the pro street interior. I added a set of lightning rod shifters and linkage, a chrome fire extinguisher, a bank of gauges, a red shift light and 2 Recaro style bucket seats. I had planned on putting a roll cage in it, but the cage would not fit under the chopped top right. 

The engine is the Boss 429 that came with the Pinto, but I re-built it and painted it ford blue. I added a pro stock intake with "crooked"  twin dominator carbs., and I scratch built some fogger nitrous lines that are plumbed directly into the intake runners. I added a main nitrous line that exits at the back of the intake, runs under the car, into the interior, and it's hooked to the nitrous bottle mounted in between the wheel tubs (you can see the nitrous bottle from the rear window) I also added fuel lines, and plug wires. 

I used the kit-supplied headers--they dump into the chrome zoomie pipes. The radiator is from my parts box, and it has 2 electric fans on it. 

The paint is plasti-kote rattle can, and it's hot rod green engine enamel followed by 2 coats of clear. I trimmed the windows in silver, and added some chrome headlights from a mustang 2.

The rear tail light lens was missing, and Rick G. from the Rally sent me the extra one that he had. (big thanks Rick !!) 

I am still debating on if this car needs the poison pinto decals or not, but I think it looks pretty good without them. I wanted to keep the car fairly close to Tom Daniel's original design, but at the same time I wanted to give the car a more modern look. This version is actually the pinto street rod version, which came AFTER the Poison Pinto, but it's basically the same car.

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