Pie Wagon

Built by: Jay Lewis in Fridley, Minnesota, USA

This model was built in 1993 from a three minute glue bomb. The body was painted using House of Kolors candy pink over silver with a little candy violet fogged in, then clear coated. After a month dry time the body was sanded and buffed then
hand lettered using One Shot enamel.

When I got the model it was missing the engine so a small block Chevy from my parts vault was installed.

The blower, carb and stacks were liberated from various kits and the engine was lightly detailed with wire. The headers were scratch built using aluminum tubing.

The wheels and front tires were spare parts from other kits while the rear slicks came from the Ice T. Disk brake detail was added to complete the chassis.

 The interior was detailed with a photo-etched dash and aluminum steering column plus a little raspberry man from a craft store. The pies were painted and installed to finish the model.



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