Pie-Raz-C (custom)

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I built this car in a little over a week. This was going to be my TD contest entry, but family matters came up and I was unable to meet the deadline. The Pie- Raz- C is based on the famous Pie Wagon.

I Chopped the top, opened the wheel wells and added fender lines. I moved the cowl back, enlarged the engine compartment, and filled the front end.

The engine is a big block Chevy from the 68 Impala kit, crowned by the dual blowers and front tires and wheels from the 53 Studi kit. The weedburners are from the Soda Wagon, and by the way, are incorrect for this type of motor, but hey they look cool.

The front and rear suspension are kit stock, and rear wheels are from the AMT Dodge Daytona. The interior is mostly scratch built.

The paint is many layers of candy gold, sunrise pearl, bitter sweet, brandywine and black over a white pearl base topped off with a light coat of candy Spanish gold and clear to tie it all together. The decals are from the Revell 64 Chevy Impala kit.

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