Paddy Wagon

Built by: Jim King / Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

I built this for the Box Art category of the 2020 NNL East show - what better than a Tom Daniel design for a box-art build?!  I built the kit almost entirely as Revell intended, with the exception of adding plug wires (which ARE on the box art by Tom), and changing the lettering on the rear to read “NJPD” to reference the location of the NNL East show.

I painted the engine with Tamiya Clear Red to give a candy effect to the paint, used Createx Pearl Blue for the main color, Citadel figure paints for the leather parts and Rub N Buff for some of the metal parts including the steering wheel.

Rather than use the kit decals I painted the lettering and graphics myself from masks that I cut on a scrapbook cutter, but I did use a woodgrain decal sheet by Gopher Racing for the floorboards.  The rear bench seats were painted with a fan-shaped artist’s brush to give a woodgrain pattern and all the shiny parts were cleared with Testor’s enamel to give them a nice deep-looking gloss.

My kit was an original issue so it didn’t have the figures that one of the later issues came with - but Rommel fits in there pretty good!

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