One Arm Bandit

Built by: Kim Sondergaard in Nęstved, Denmark

I bought this One Arm Bandit on Ebay, as a once-built, but cleaned up model kit. It was in OK condition, and the most surprising thing was that the decals was unused an in mint condition.

Some things were missing from the kit. The roulette grille was gone, and I was quite thankful for that. I replaced it with a scratch-built SPADE-shaped grille, made of Evergreen card. There are still some details missing on the radiator job.

The rear tires were missing, and replaced with a set from the parts box, and the bandit handle was scratch-built. On top of the dice carburetors, there were just big holes (???), so I put a couple of air cleaners over them.

The front axle is, if I remember correctly, from a Pie Wagon. And the last thing missing were one of the rear lights, so it only has one. The rear axle was too miserable to renovate so I replaced it with one from the parts box.

The Bandit was sprayed with yellow MOTIP auto paint, and after adding the decals, topped off with MOTIP clear coat. The interior were done with Humbrol acrylic paint.

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