Moonscope v3
(Moonscope kitbash #3)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

I built the MS-3 for a Car Model Magazine article featured in the December 1972 issue. The MS-3 was built as a company van for Car Model Magazine. These are 1973 photos of the original car.

MS-3 represents a pollution free alternative form of transportation for around town. Electric cars are pretty common these days but back in the 70's there were very few.

The MS-3 is based on the original AMT Moonscope kit, with Richard Carroll Tires. A new reproduction of the MS-3 could be built using the 2002 release of the AMT Moonscope. The original MS-3 was given to the publisher of Car Model Magazine in 1973.

I am planning a new MS-5 truck for 2003, using the new release of the AMT Moonscope.

Unfortunately I don't have my copy of the December 1972 Car Model Magazine, so the details on this model are limited at this time. (By the way if anyone has an extra copy of this old Car Model Magazine that they want to sell, please send me a email at

The MS-3 conversion was built backwards, the Moonscope rear will be the front of the new MS-3. The rear Moonscope roof section was cut down to make the new windshield frame. Sheet plastic was used the make the new rear section, sides and roof section. The axles were narrowed and the center axle was removed.

The interior was installed backwards. The Moonscope wheels were modified to fit the Richard Carroll tires. The MS-3 was painted with Testors Gloss Yellow, Orange and Red.




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