Built by: Jim Garubba [plastimatic]

The Moonscope was not one of the showrods I built as a kid. Maybe it wasn’t funky enough to grab my interest when it came out, and when it was re-released under the Space 1999 banner I was into other things (ahhhh, the teen years).

However, I did end up with the last release of the Moonscope. But, I couldn't leave it white, I didn't have the Alien base or windshield, and I was not a fan of those wide squat tires, so..... I put it together somewhere in between.

The wheels are from a HotWheels Monster Jam 4WD, which look more like the original Barris custom (although I only went for a four-wheeled rig). The top lamps are from a 34 Ford, a clear pvc rear window, and the single headlamp from the kit became a dash mounted monitor.

Paint is a Duplicolor Silver (dang hard to photograph silver), Rustoleum Gold Rush accent color, and satin burgundy.

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