Mac Milk Wagon (modified)

Built by: Richard (Sixwheeler) Howden in Staffordshire, England

Starting with the good old Beer Wagon, I extended the cab and roof and added a couple of portholes in the sides. I used the interior components from a Li'l Gasser to fill the larger cab and--of course the tank and flatbed, out back, are from the Li'l Gasser as well. The rear mudguards came from a 1/32nd scale Big Rig and I added some Costume Jewelry gemstones for the rear lights.

I carved and sanded the engine to get it to sit lower on the chassis and opened up the engine cover so that I could sit a blower and injectors on top of the V8. It's all a tight squeeze in there! The exhaust was "chromed" with Alclad and the wheels and tyres are home cast copies of Pro/Street boots.

The chrome diamond plate running boards are cut-down items from an old Orange Blossom Special kit. The front light pods were sanded flat and I added Greif Lenses to simulate headlights.

The paint is a mixture of Tamiya Gloss Brown X9 and Gunze Sangyo Sail Colour, both heavily glossed. The decals were produced at home on my PC and printed out on Bare Metal Foil Inkjet Decal Paper.

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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