Luna C Ice T

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

After selling my Ice T on ebay, I started out to build another one for my collection. I changed a few things in the process.

First I chopped and angled the body forward so the roof line flowed with the rest of the car. I wanted to lower the whole look of the car, so I cut the rear wheel wells up into the body line. I then added the rear fenders from the AMT Wagon Rod kit and glued them at an angle, so the rear of the fender followed the rear contour of the body. I filled the header ports with styrene, then smoothed out the rest of the body.

I then added the custom tail light sections from AMT's 50 Ford kit and molded them to each side of the cowl, just in front of the doors. I puttied the whole mess up and sanded, and sanded, and sanded.

The seats, dash board, headlights and front suspension are from, AMT's 32 phaeton Vicky. The engine is the Caddy North Star from the Wagon Rod, and the wheels and cycle fenders are from Revell's Prowler kit, with the rear suspension from the Bad Medicine.

The paint is my own blend of candy blues, greens, and purple. The classic panels are under based in silver, then fogged with teal and violet. I scratch built the interior, and flocked it in gray, white and blue. I used real wood and photo etched trim rails on the rear decking. The front grill teeth are from a 53 Corvette, and the surf board was shaved and painted to match the car. The exhaust pipes are angled cut aluminum tubes. With it's little butt up in the air, this little bugger has an attitude.

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