Little Tub
[from the Little T]

Built by: Bob Spedding  -  Citrus Park , Florida 

The "Little Tub" is a 1/24th scale tribute to the classic Monogram 1/8th scale kit of the 60's , it was built to be as accurate a copy as possible . 

The Big Tub was an early "T" body and the only small scale tubs available are 1926 and later so I had to graft together two bodies from Monogram Ford T Street Rod kits to accurately recreate the Big Tub in a smaller scale . The stretched top and interior was also done in this manner .  The rear bench seat from a Revell '27 T Touring kit was modified and used as a mold to Vac-U-Form the finished seat . 

The Little Tub's chassis and engine are from a Little T , right out of the box except for the rear wheels which are from a Blue Bandito . The cycle fenders are modified Red Chariot pieces .  

The Little Tub is painted Model Master Hugger Orange to match the original orange plastic color of the Big Tub .  To finish it off I printed my own decals and cleared everything with Tamiya TS-13 Clear

This was the most challenging of my tribute builds and also the most rewarding .  
The "Little Tub" is definitely one of my favorites.

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