Little Rod
[from the Little T]

Builder: Bob Spedding 

A tribute to the 1/8th scale Monogram kit of the 60's, my "Little Rod" was built to be as accurate as possible using photos and info available about the Big Rod .  

The body , interior , chassis , engine , and wheels and tires needed to build my "Little Rod" all came from the Monogram Little T kit with just a few exceptions.

The radiator shell is a cut-down '32 part. The grille was cut from a piece of fine mesh S.S. screen and the rear wheels are from a Li'l Coffin. I also added a chrome tank cover to the radiator.

The small side mounted spot lights and taillight are resin castings from a Dune Rat kit with clear epoxy for lenses . 

The headers and top are what really gave the Big Rod its identity and they had to be scratch built for the Little Rod . The headers were formed from 1/16" styrene rod and the mufflers are 3/16" tubing. The finished parts were sprayed with Rustoleum Bright Coat Chrome.

The top is a heavily reworked top from the Tweedy Pie , it's painted Tamiya TS-26 Pure White and top coated with Testors Dull-Cote . 

To finish the “Little Rod” it was painted Tamiya TS-16 Yellow with TS-13 Clear and I printed my own decals . 

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