Li'l Van

Built by: Dave Briede


This was a fun build, and the design ideas came very quickly. Although it was a great design from Tom Daniel in its original form I just couldn’t help adding my own touch. I first added the fins on the rear and I thought the curved short wings would add to the overall flowing design.

I knew from the beginning that I was going to add a bubbletop. I had a salad spoon that I cut off the handle part and laid it on the body. I saw that it needed the perfect part which is the rear hump. I think this really flows between the fins and makes for a good mount for the bubble. With the bubble on top there were spaces underneath that needed to be addressed. I ran a bar under the bubble sides and created the window under it and added mirrors from a Viper.

The front end needed attention so I added some sheet styrene and cut in some headlights, reinstalled the chrome front push bar bumper and that was done. I don’t remember where the wheels came from but as I was sorting thru the wheel box they just popped out and I knew they were the ones. Of course the rear tires needed to be real beefy to complete the look.

The Blue Ray was one of Tom Daniels Honorary Mentions on the Coffin Corners Tom Daniel Build Off contest. Tom Daniels has been my model car design
idol since I was a youth and to have one of my builds recognized by him was a great honor

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