Li'l Stogie

Built by: Boban Arsic [Hobbybobby]

Its history goes back a few years.

I stroll sometimes through the toy departments of super markets, always in the hope to find something useful.

One day I found a bag, filled with figurines of cowboys and Indians, with horses, a prairie wagon, and a canoe, and even such a stuff.

Quite conveniently, almost cheap, but great stuff.

Insofar, someone sees the great potential in such stuff...

I bought it and took the prairie wagon at home, immediately attacked.

I took the frame and the engine from the Popcorn Wagon, the front axle with wheels from a Bad Medicine kit, some backwheels and began to play.

I was fortunate that the frame exactly fitted under the car floor.

The whole cooler with the horseshoe is homemade, as is the steering and the new rear wheels.

The rear axle is from a truck, now with a shortened driveshaft.

It is mounted on leaf springs, from the front suspension of a Pinto Street Rod kit.

The barrels are from the Beer Wagon.

The skull comes also from the Bad Medicine kit and was been modified, so that it now acts as an air scoops...


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